Building lots carefully selected through the years in the attractive places in Poland. (about 120 lots)

Offered for sale by a private individual without the middle man (realtor’s) fees.

The sizes of land lots vary between 1000 m2 to 3000m2 


Locations available:

  1. Sasino (in proximity of Łeba) On the Baltic sea coast (11 lots)
                                                   Please see the map: (click here)

  2. Kunów (on the lake front near Kock and Firlej) (1 lot ) 3000m2 (1 lot, fenced with water and electric service)
                                                   Please see the map: (click here)

  3. Nowe Smolno (in close proximity of Bydgoszcz (2 lots). Safe distance from the major hwy 254 from Brzoza to Łabiszyn). 
    Large 3000m
    2 parcels. 15 min car ride distance to Tesco in Bydgoszcz. 
                                                   Please see the map: (click here)

  4. Gorzeń ( 20 minutes from Bydgoszcz on the way to Nakło) (80 lots)
    Very attractive location next to 2 ha of private forest. Several lots for commercial activities. 
    Ideal for developers to make separated enclaves of few buildings with a private roads.
                                                   Please see the map: (click here)

  5. Władysławowo - Sosnowiec Wielki (region Łabiszyn) (18 lots)
                                                   Please see the map: (click here)

  6. Węgrów ( 72 km from Warsaw, close to river Liwiec) (5 lots) 
    Very quiet region. No industries. Grass fields, forests and quiet living.
                                                   Please see the map: (click here)

  7. Pisz (Third lot from the shore of Lake Kocioł –Mazury) (1 lot ) 1000m2
                                                   Please see the map: (click here) 

If interested please e-mail : to receive more information